3 Step Guide How to Bring Back Sense to Your Life

Ode to Essentialism and Simplicity. Learned by own mistakes.

Denys Opria
4 min readNov 27, 2021


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Hope your life is high right now. Mine definitely was a mess a couple of months ago.

I was overwhelmed by hundreds of tasks every week. I’ve been working 10–12 hours per day at my job only to fit deadlines.

Besides, there were always some extra tasks at the job. They were stilling my time, too. Obviously, I didn’t have any time for hobbies or even reading a good book.

Also, I was trying to keep alive relationships with my girlfriend. Even I couldn’t devote her time, she deserved.

Long story short, it was a complete disaster.

Then I’ve found The Book.

Literally found it in the park. It lay on the bench, waiting for me, shining with an inner light. Ok, there was no light. Even it was raining. I was running home from the office late evening and noticed something white on the bench.

It was a moist book, even completely dripping. The ink flowed because of water. But still, it was full of wisdom. So I took it home.

The best find of all time. As it turned my life 180 degrees.

The book was “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” by Greg McKeown in my native language.

Later that evening. I decided to give it a glance. Well, it was worth it.

The idea of simplicity and minimalism in life hit my head like a hammer. Deep down in my soul, I’ve always dreamed of such an elegant solution for my troubles.

And here is the 3 step strategy I’ve learned from this book.

Step 1. Do Your Own Research

You are the only person who knows what do you actually need. That’s why you are responsible for making decisions in your life. Usually, it’s tricky to make the right one. Comparing even a couple of variants is exhausting.

So lazy people, like I used to be, simply take the first “not-bad” variant. They don’t have time to carefully search through hundreds of options. They don’t want to waste time to find a true jewel among common rocks.



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