How To Make This World a Better Place To Live?

The answer is simple and You can do it even today!

Denys Opria
4 min readNov 14, 2021


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Do you like this world? Do you like your life here? Do you want to change something about it? There is a way.

No worries, I don’t want to sell you anything. No magic spells and no tickets to the spaceship, that gonna take you to a dream place to live. We have to live here, on Earth. Actually, we are doomed to spend the rest of our lives here. It is a nice moment to think it over.

Earth is a wonderful place to live. Water, oxygen, and a perfect amount of solar light and warmth. Humankind is really lucky to be here. Kinda, we could try to exist on Mars, a place without water and oxygen. Live there wouldn’t be a picnic at all.

But there are some issues on Earth, too. The weather isn’t always perfect. Climate is changing dramatically nowadays. Greenhouse effect. Pollution. Refugees. Racism. Fame. War. Wow, a huge amount of issues actually. Huh, lucky we are to live in such a blessed time?

Looks like someone should do something about it. A little vague wording, isn’t it?

Ok, let’s start with “who”. Hmm, who could it be? Government? Church? People?

What about You? Yeah, this is the right answer.

Anyone who wants to change the world must start by changing themselves. It’s about taking responsibility for this world and its current state. About taking actual actions, that affect this reality, not only the imaginary world.

There is only one person in the list of entities — You. It isn’t a coincidence. Any group of people tends to its own goals and priorities. These group goals often don’t have a lot in common with the goals of each group member. Because the group is interested in growing and developing itself. It actually doesn’t care about its members a lot. Any country that has ever taken part in a war is a great example of this thesis.

Also if responsibility belongs to a group — it belongs to nobody. If there is no concrete person that will be punished or rewarded depending on the project result, there is no motivation to work. Just strain your memory, you’ve seen this situation many times in your life. School group project, nobody cares…



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