The Only Secret To Making Your Dream Come True

Denys Opria
3 min readNov 5, 2021
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I hope you have a dream. Everyone should have one. As for me, I have a dream and it makes my life better. It forces me to get up in the morning. It helps me to survive the day. It calls a smile on my face when I go to sleep. So I assume you have a dream, too. Otherwise, stop reading and go create it! Trust me, you gonna love the process.

Now I’m sure we are on the same page. There is a tricky moment with dreaming. It actually happens inside of your head. You lose your presence in the moment and flow in the sweet world of your dreams. It’s pleasant, otherwise, you won’t ever do it. But does it give you real-world results?

Long story short — No.

Of course, you have to spend some time in mental exercises, while you create a dream. You need to imagine everything as real as possible. See the sunset in the place you want to visit, feel the wheel of the car you want to buy, etc. But after the creation point, there is no sense to think over and over again the same thoughts.

It gives your nothing but steals your time.

Things that really brings you closer to your dream are plan and actions. Plan can vary a lot depending on your dream, life situation, and opportunities. Action is always here. You can always take action, that gives you positive results.

Let’s assume you want to have a healthy and pretty-looking body. Why don’t you?

So what can you do right now to get it? You can do a squat right after reading this paper. Maybe even more than one. But start with one and don’t force yourself to do more. Unless you want it. The key here is consistency.

What else can bring you one step closer to the completion of your dream? Perhaps, do not order junk food delivery this evening. Instead, go to the market and get some fresh vegetables to make a salad.

I think you got the idea. The small decisions you take every minute of your life affect it. So make as many of these decisions as possible to work for you in the long perspective. Make single action every day, that brings you closer to the person you wanna be.

You may think that small actions have a small effect. Yeah, it’s right, if you take them once. Your butt won’t look better from the single squat. You won’t become a billionaire by saving $1.99 from morning coffee. No one gonna notice you and your impact on the job if you deliver extra results once per year. But try to do this stuff consistently for a long time and trust me you will be impressed with the results.

Actions and decisions in our life have a tendency to accumulate and grow like a snowball. Make the right choice 20 times and 21st gonna be automatically the same. So why don’t you start the creation of your positive-action snowball right now?

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